There’s no doubt about the fact that the world is a very weird place right now. With countries across the globe on lockdown, it is hard to know what is right versus wrong. I’ve been struggling to know what to post over the past month. Do I continue business as usual and post some of half-finished travel content I have sitting in my drafts? Do I take a break from writing and sharing altogether? I know what I absolutely don’t want to do is capitalize on the current situation in any way.

But, here’s what I do know: Writing, taking photos, and sharing stories makes me happy. And now more than ever, it’s so important to do the things that made us smile the biggest. So, in the interest of keeping things lighthearted, I thought I would share a quick photo diary from our Easter Sunday adventures at Stenshuvud National Park.

Stenshuvud National Park

ok, i know what you are thinking...
we were allowed to spend our easter sunday at a national park?!

In short, yes. I’m sure you’ve probably caught the headlines about Sweden circulating around the world. Donald Trump was even recently quoted criticizing the situation in Sweden by saying that “Sweden is suffering very gravely.” Which, of course, accompanied by photos of locals on crowded patios has made international headlines.

Sweden has taken a bit of a different approach to COVID-19. Many restaurants remain open with new social-distancing guidelines. Locals are encouraged to go for walks (while maintaining a safe distance). And yes, Sweden is suffering gravely… But so are many other countries. I am not taking the stance that what Sweden is doing is right, I am just simply describing the situation.

With that being said, we have made a personal choice to not see any friends or family for over a month. We have not gone to any restaurants. We are working from home. Anything non-essential has been completely removed from our routine and social-distancing is in full effect.

And while no one is asking me to justify my decision to spend the day outdoors yesterday, I can’t help but feel like I needed to say all of this before I began sharing photos.

photo diary: stenshuvud national park in april

For Easter Sunday, we decided to take a socially-distanced day trip to Stenshuvud National Park where we hiked through the remote hiking paths, had a picnic by the sea, and enjoyed the 17 degree weather. It was a reset I didn’t even realize I needed and although I would have loved to spend Easter with the people I love, the afternoon turned out to be pretty darn great.

Stenshuvud National Park is beautiful. The April day proved to be the perfect time to visit, as spring flowers were in full bloom and the smell of the sea filled the warm air. Check out some of my favourite photos from our Easter Sunday at the park.

Stenshuvud National Park white flowers in the forest
Stenshuvud National Park white flowers in the forest
Stenshuvud National Park white flowers in the forest

The hiking trails were covered in a never-ending bed of small white flowers, covering the forest floor with the most beautiful green and white carpet.

Stenshuvud National Park lookout

At the highest point of the park, you can take in this beautiful view of the Baltic Sea.

Stenshuvud National Park boat house
Picnic at Stenshuvud National Park
Picnic at Stenshuvud National Park

We found the perfect picnic spot to stop at by the sea and have the lunch we brought with us.

Stenshuvud National Park
Stenshuvud National Park
Stenshuvud National Park

Once we moved past the beach, the coastline was rocky and filled with beautiful orange-speckled cliffs. We teetered our way along the rocks and snapped a few photos.

We opted to take a different route back to the car, and were greeted by this stunning view. The biodiversity in this park really blew me away.


Stenshuvud National Park
Stenshuvud National Park
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Copenhagen – easily one of my favourite cities in Europe. Danish culture, the unique culinary scene, and the colourful streets draw me right in.

On Saturday, we took the train over to spend the day in Copenhagen [the whole journey is about 45 minutes door-to-door from our apartment in Malmö]. The sun was shining and it was 12 degrees Celsius [in mid-February], which made it the perfect day to roam. 28,000 steps later, with pitstops for patio drinks and food, we were able to cover so much of the city. And snap a lot of pictures.

Are you planning a visit to Copenhagen? Wondering where the most photogenic spots are?

Here’s my list of the most Instagrammable spots in Copenhagen.

1. Nyhavn

I’m going to start with the most obvious: Nyhavn. This is the canal that you’re bound to see in almost every picture of Copenhagen – and for good reason. Nyhavn is beautiful.

2. Magstræde

This narrow alleyway is one of the two oldest streets in Copenhagen and features the most beautiful colourful houses and cobblestone street.

Magstræde, Copemhagen
Magstræde, Copemhagen

3. Superkilen Park

Superkilen is a skatepark in the Nørrebro neighbourhood of Copenhagen. It features some very interesting artwork to get that perfect Instagram picture.

4. Christianshavn

If cute and aesthetically pleasing doorways are your thing, you can find these scattered around the neighbourhood of Christianshavn.

Christianshavn, Copenhagen
Christianshavn, Copenhagen

5. Tivoli Gardens

Want to feel like a kid again? Tivoli is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world and continues to maintain its old-world charm. I went at Christmastime, hence the holiday decorations. However, Tivoli is beautiful all times of the year.

6. Freetown Christiana

Whether or not you’re looking to take pictures, Christiana is worth a visit just from a bucketlist perspective. But why not snap a few pictures while roaming this unique community? I can guarantee that you’ve never seen a place quite like this one before.

Do you agree with my recommendations for the most Instagrammable places in Copenhagen?

Have something to add? Mention it in the comments below.



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