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Madeline is a writer, blogger, and content creator with over 200,000 social media followers on Instagram and TikTok. A marketer by profession, Madeline has worked with marketing for 10 years at large international corporations. As an avid traveller, it would only make sense that Madeline would meet her now-fiance while travelling. In 2019, she moved across the world to join him in Sweden where she began sharing her adventures, culture shocks, and all the things she loves about the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Madeline Rae Away is a brand that specializes in the creation of content about life in Scandinavia and abroad including travel guides, everyday lifestyle content, product integrations, living abroad tips, and more. Madeline has worked with many well-known businesses across the world to create inspiring content that generates buzz and tells their story, and has been featured in top news publications worldwide.

Originally from Canada, Madeline is currently based in Malmö and is available for opportunities both in Sweden and abroad.

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  • Sponsored TikTok posts
  • Sponsored Instagram posts and stories
  • Brand ambassadorship or representation
  • Hotel, attraction, restaurant, or product reviews
  • Press trips
  • Photography & content creation
  • Long-term partnerships & collaboration
  • Sponsored blog content

Quick channel Stats (March 2022)

TikTok: @madelineraeaway

  • Followers: 179,500+
  • Location: 33% USA, 30% Sweden, 5% UK, 3% Canada
  • Gender: 84% female
  • Niche: Living abroad, Scandinavian lifestyle, tips + reviews

Lifestyle Instagram: @madeline.rae

  • Followers: 14,900+
  • Location: 31% USA, 16% Sweden, 9% Canada, 6% UK
  • Gender: 83% female
  • Niche: Living abroad lifestyle, Sweden + abroad travel tips, travel photography and videos

Reels Instagram: @madelineraeaway

  • Followers: 37,700+
  • Location: 39% USA, 16% Sweden, 7% Canada, 6% UK
  • Gender: 93% female
  • Niche: Reels; living abroad, culture shocks, Scandinavian culture

Blog: Madeline Rae Away

  • Unique Page Views per month: 15,000+

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