Vækst: A Nordic Dinner Experience in Copenhagen

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It’s no secret that I love a good Nordic-inspired meal. And Copenhagen’s leading-edge foodie scene offers a lot of options. I first fell for the farm-to-table Nordic dinner experience when I visited Scandinavia over a year ago – and I have never looked back.

Now that I am a local resident, I am excited to experience all the Copenhagen food scene has to offer. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of dining at Vækst.

Who is Vækst?

Located in one of my favourite areas of Copenhagen, the Latin Quarter, Vækst is part of the Copenhagen Food Collective (Cofoco). It offers visitors a Nordic tasting menu and an interior aesthetic that matches the freshness of the menu, with tables surrounding the most beautiful greenhouse.

Vækst gives diners the choice of a meat or vegetarian menu. Both menus are vegetable-heavy, and use produce and herbs that are often sourced from the surrounding Nordic regions.

My Vækst Experience

When we first walked in to Vækst, we were completely blown away by the interior of the restaurant. With a greenhouse in the centre, tons of greenery, and perfectly dimmed lighting, the space offers the most welcoming environment to enjoy a meal.

The staff was friendly and welcoming, and we were escorted to our table upstairs alongside the front windows [tip: if you’re able to request a seat upstairs, I would recommend it. The downstairs seating area is also very beautiful, but sitting alongside the greenhouse upstairs adds that little extra bit of dreaminess to the whole experience].

We sat down and ordered the three-course meat tasting menu with wine pairing.

First Course

At Vækst, every course comes with a “snack” before the course. Our first snack was customized for an allergy and we were given a cauliflower snack with truffled mushrooms and a glass of champagne. All it took was one bite and we knew that we were in for an amazing culinary experience.

Next, we were brought a smoked scallop appetizer that was presented as a soup. It featured daikon, roasted onion oil, and a mussel-based broth.

One word: YUM.

Second Course

Dinner at Vækst, Copenhagen
Main Course

Prior to the main course, we were brought a second snack. This was a thin sourdough pancake with beetroot and beet sprouts, topped with goats cheese. The waitress called this a “finger snack” and we were instructed to fold it like a taco and eat it.

Next came the main course: a generous portion of pork belly paired with celery puree, pork rinds and horseradish. It was perfectly cooked and paired with a side of fresh kohlrabi salad and mashed potatoes with smoked cheese.

At this point of the meal, my belly was so full but SO HAPPY. The food was fresh, well paired, and perfectly executed.

Third Course

Dessert: my favourite course. The first and second course portions were so generous, and I was so full. But, let’s face it, I always have room for dessert.

The last snack of the night was a shot of green sorrel juice topped with whipped white chocolate. The flavour was delicious, and so unique, with sweet and sour tastes that complemented each other perfectly.

The final dessert was a pear sorbet with caramel and hazelnut. It was light, creamy, and truly the perfect end to an amazing meal.

The dessert was so good that despite being so full, I told Sebastian that I wished I could have a second one.

If you’re looking for the perfect farm-to-table Nordic dining experience in Copenhagen, look no further than Vækst.

This restaurant offers fresh, creative, and well-made food with generous portions – all at a good value. Make sure you show up with an empty belly and are ready to eat, and this food will not disappoint. I would also recommend making sure you have roughly three hours to devote to dinner, as it is encouraged to settle in and enjoy the experience.

And if Nordic cuisine isn’t your thing, check out one of Copenhagen Food Collective (Cofoco)’s many leading Copenhagen restaurants. They offer virtually every type of food you can think of. I personally can’t wait to to try them all!



Vækst, Copenhagen Dinner Experience

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