Best cafes in Malmö

Since moving to Sweden, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that Swedes really love their coffee. I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker until I moved to Malmö – and now, well, you could argue my coffee intake has gotten a bit carried away. It’s hard not to fall for the Scandinavian coffee culture when you have some of the best cafes in Malmö minutes away from your apartment.

Sweden’s culture is so coffee-centric, they’ve developed a verb to describe a coffee break: fika. What does fika mean? Well it loosely translates to “having coffee and a sweet with friends or family.” And while it may seem like a bit of novelty, it really isn’t. Colleagues will suggest we take a “fika break” at the office, friends will often “meet for a fika” after work or in their spare time. It is a moment to pause and enjoy time with the people you care about. Pretty special, eh?

With that being said, there is absolutely no shortage of spots to have a fika in Malmö. I’ve been sharing some of these on my Malmö food guide, but as this post gets longer and longer, I thought my favourite cafes deserved their own place to shine.

I’ve been to a lot of cafes in the city, and in this post I’ll be rounding the best cafes in Malmö – let’s go!

Must-Try Swedish Fika Sweets

Before we start counting down the best cafes in Malmö, I want to share with you a few of the best Swedish fika sweets that you must try. There are of course many others you’ll find throughout the year, but these are a few easy favourites:

Chokladboll: A chocolate ball (roughly the size of a golf ball) made of oats, sugar, and cocoa, and coated in coconut.

Kanelbullar: The cinnamon bun is arguably the most popular “Swedish” dessert. The local take on the cinnamon bun is different than the version with icing found in many other countries. It is simply dough rolled up with a cinnamon and sugar filling.

Kardemummabullar: Made in a similar way to the cinnamon bun, this one is filled with cardamom. It is my personal favourite Swedish fika treat.

Semla: This is most commonly eaten on Shrove Tuesday, but you can find it in cafes all year. It is a cardamom-spiced sweet roll with the centre carved out, and it is filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream.

Kladdkaka: This is more commonly known as mud cake in English, and is a thin sticky chocolate cake topped with icing sugar, and typically some type of berries, like raspberry.

Lussebullar: Around the Christmas holidays, you will see these swirled saffron buns everywhere. Traditionally they are topped with raisins, but more trendy versions include vanilla or cardamom fillings. 

Atrium Cafe

An easy choice for fika, brunch, or lunch, Atrium is a bright cafe with tons of greenery serving sweets, and a variety of brunch and lunch options. I love the ambiance here, and they have a wonderful garden patio in the warmer months.

 Must Try: They make a fantastic golden milk latte.

Atrium Cafe Malmo
Atrium Cafe Malmo

Solde Kaffebar & Kafferosteri

The best coffee in Malmö? You’ll find it at Solde. This specialty coffe shop roasts their own beans and is the best place to go if you want to buy local coffee beans in Malmö. We brew almost exclusively Solde coffee at home, and love to go here for fika too.

Must Try: Their “Mästers Kaffe” blend is an easy favourite for me, but you’re looking for a lighter coffee, the “Brors Kaffe” blend is a favourite of many.

If you aren’t local, you can also order their coffee beans online.

Solde Kaffe
Solde Kaffe

St. jakobs stenugnsbageri

St. Jakob’s is a super popular bakery that offers many locations scattered throughout Malmö. My favourite is their newest location in Davidshall on Södra Förstadsgatan – where you can sit on a lovely bistro-style terrace alongside the pedestrian-only street.

Must Try: Cardamom buns (especially the saffron cardamom buns that they make during the Christmas holidays).

St. Jakobs
St. Jakobs

Söderberg & Sara

This is my favourite bakery for bread in Malmo! They make the best bread I have tried in the city, and it has become a bit of a tradition for us to pick up a fresh loaf there on weekend mornings.

Must try: Their sour dough bread, grilled cheese sandwiches – they are also known for sourcing some unique coffee roasts!

Bageri Leve

Looking for the best vegan bakery in Malmö? This is it … especially if you’re in the mood for donuts! Every Friday they have a “donut of the day” and locals queue for them – they are that good!

Must Try: As I mentioned, the donuts. But I also highly recommend the fresh-baked focaccia (and really any other of their baked goods).

Söderberg & Sara
Left: Bageri Leve; Right: Söderberg & Sara

Uggla Kaffebar

I absolutely love this cute little coffee spot. It’s located very close to my apartment, which obviously makes me a regular. And they serve good coffee and the perfect fika sweets. In the summer months, you can head across the street to their bistro setup in the middle of St. Knut’s Square.

Must Try: I love their matcha lattes.

Uggla Kaffebar
Uggla Kaffebar

Noir Kaffekultur

This central spot located in the beautiful old town is a great spot for a patio fika. Sit outside with a coffee, watch the bikes zoom by, and I swear you’ll feel like you’re on a terrace in Paris.

Must Try: Coffee – and they make a lovely avocado toast!

Lilla Kafferosteriet

This central cafe has great coffee and an assortment of cakes and pastries. In the warmer months, head outside to the backyard terrace. It is the the perfect spot to soak in the afternoon sun.

Must Try: The employees are coffee experts, so I’d stick with a regular coffee here. And they always have a big selection of sweets.

Cafe No. 6

If you’re looking for a cosy fika spot in St. Knut’s, this is another great option. Across the street from the cafe, they have a lovely garden to take your fika outside.

Must Try: Coffee paired with biscotti.

AB Småland

AB Småland is more than just a cafe – it is a full lifestyle and Scandinavian concept store. Browse through the trendy shop full of Scandi goods, and then grab a fika in the cafe. 

Must Try: This is my favourite golden milk latte in the city.

AB Smaland
Cafe no 6
Left: AB Småland; Right: Cafe No 6

Kaffebaren på Möllan

Great coffee and atmosphere in the trendy Möllan neighbourhood. In the summer months, I suggest taking your coffee out front and people watching while people shop at the farmer’s market in the square.

Must Try: Coffee!


Jord, which translates to “earth” in English, is a vegan cafe and breakfast spot. I really love the ambiance of this cosy cafe, and their food is really good if you’re looking for vegan food in Malmö.

Must Try: The vegan breakfast food is SO good. I particularly love their seasonal oat bowls.

Jord Malmo
Jord Malmo

Pâtisserie David

This French-style patisserie serves many traditional French pastries, and has of the best courtyard patios in the city. If you’re looking for a French-inspired fika, this is your spot.

Must Try: The macarons and crepes.

Slottsträdgårdens kafé

Located in the middle of the beautiful Slottsparken, this cafe is a popular patio spot in Malmö. After you’ve had your fika, make sure to head next door to Slottsträdgården to admire the beautiful gardens, and the iconic Malmö windmill.

Must Try: They always have a variety of sweets – but this is a great spot for lunch, too.

Patisserie David
Left: Patisserie David; Right: Slottsträdgårdens kafé

Djäkne Kaffebar

Djäkne Kaffebar is a trendy, cental coffee bar and co-working space in Malmö. If you’re looking for wifi and a spot to get work done, this is a great spot to do it. Keep in mind, they are only open on weekdays. 

Must Try: I love their cappucino.

Djäkne Kaffebar
Djäkne Kaffebar

Need help finding the best cafes in Malmö? Take a look at this map!

And now that you’ve read all about the best cafes in Malmö, make sure to head over to my Malmö Food Guide where I’m dishing the details on all the best bars and restaurants in Malmö.


The best cafes in Malmö
15 of the best cafes in Malmö to have fika
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Hallamölla Vattenfall

It’s no secret that I love the autumn season. It feels like a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. The weather is mild and the smell of fresh fallen leaves is something I wish I could bottle up so I could experience it all year long. I’ve always loved autumn, but autumn in Sweden is really something special. 

Last year I wrote about my favourite spots to experience autumn in southern Sweden (you can read that post here). So this year, I wanted to share a new version with all the best spots to experience autumn in Sweden in 2020. We’ve been spending a ton of time outside in nature. And I can’t wait to share my favourite spots and memories with you in a little photo diary.

Söderåsens nationalpark
Solnäs Gård

5 can't miss spots to experience autumn in Sweden

1. Hallamölla Vattenfall

Located just outside the town of Brösarp near Skåne’s east coast, Hallamölla Vattenfall is the biggest waterfall in southern Sweden, and is especially beautiful in the autumn months when the leaves surrounding the waterfall turn orange and yellow. Surrounding Hallamölla, you can also find plenty of stunning trails, including part of the Skåneleden trails.

Hallamölla Vattenfall
Hallamölla Vattenfall
2. Brösarps backar (The hills of Brosarp)

I first visited Brösarps backar, also located outside the town of Brösarp, when we visited Talldungens gårdshotell this past summer (read a blog post about that experience here). And I fell in love with the hiking trails and knew I wanted to come back in the autumn.

Brösarps backar is always beautiful and arguably home to my favourite hiking trails in Skåne. But it really puts on a show in the autumn.

The rolling hills of Brösarp have a very “Tuscany” vibe to them. Along the Backaleden trail through Brösarps southern hills, you will find the best views. Start at the trail head near Brösarp and head toward the train tracks following the yellow trail markers. These trails also lead you through open pastures of horses and cows, forests, and valleys.

Scroll through some of my favourite photos below.

3. Söderåsens nationalpark

Söderåsens nationalpark is arguably the most popular national park in southern Sweden. A common day trip from Malmö or Helsingborg, it is home to some of the most beautiful trails in Skåne, dense forests, lakes, and an incredible lookout point over a deep valley of trees.

We visited Söderåsen on a Saturday and arrived to realize that all the parking near the most popular trails was taken. I guess we weren’t the only ones who wanted to see the autumn leaves here! While we could have parked in the town and walked over, hiking on crowded trails didn’t sounds like a great way to spend our afternoon. So, we drove off in search of a less crowded entrance to the park.

A few hundred metres south of the main parking entrance, we headed up a road that was covered by a canopy of red trees and parked our car. These “non-touristy”  trails weren’t busy at all, and we hiked to the lake in Härsnäs naturreservat. I have never in my life seen such dense forest of red and orange. STUNNING.

Söderåsens nationalpark
Söderåsens nationalpark
Söderåsens nationalpark
Söderåsens nationalpark
4. Alnarps Slott (Alnarp Castle)
Alnarps slott

Alnarps Slott is located in the town of Alnarp between Malmö and Lund on the campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The original castle was built in the 1200s, and then a French Renaissance-style castle was resurrected in the 1800s. The beautiful building is covered by bright red ivy and is surrounded by tons of trees and walking trails.

If you’re looking for major autumn Harry Potter vibes, this is your spot!

Alnarps slott
Alnarps slott
5. Flackarps mölla (Flackarp Mill)

Located just outside of Lund, Flackarps mölla is an old windmill that was built in 1868 and stayed in operation until 1950. The architecture of the historical windmill is beautiful, but it is especially picturesque in the autumn months when the trees around the windmill begin changing colours.

Flackarps mölla
Flackarps mölla
6. Trollskogen

Trollskogen is part of the Prästaskogen nature reserve, which is a popular hiking area outside of Lund near the village of Torna Hällestad. This particular forest very unique because it is home to the unique Skåne twisted beech trees. These trees are very unordinary, with the branches twisting and knotting together.

These unique trees are always worth visiting, but they look really beautiful in the autumn.

7. Glorias Äppelgård - Apple Picking in Skåne

If you’re looking for apple picking in Skåne, you can visit Glorias Äppelgård to pick your own. This apple farm outside of Lund offers a huge variety of apples for picking on their property – and they are both cheap and delicious!

Not in the mood to pick your own? You can also stop by nearby Solnäs Gård to purchase locally famous Kivik apples (and other apple-related products made in southern Sweden, like chutneys and ciders). Make sure you make some time to stay for a fika, too

Glorias Äppelgård
Glorias Äppelgård

When is the best time to experience the autumn leaves in Sweden?

Autumn in Sweden, specifically in Skåne, varies each year depending on weather conditions leading up to the autumn season. However, peak autumn leaves in Sweden can typically be experienced around the end of October, and sometimes even into early November.

While it is hard to predict exactly when the peak will be, visiting from mid- to late-October should give you an opportunity to see the beauty of the autumn season.

Check out this autumn in Sweden map to help find these spots!


7 Places to Experience Autumn in Sweden
Best places to experience autumn in Sweden
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Talldungen Gårdshotell

Have you ever heard so many wonderful things about a place that you begin to think it is too good to be true? I have received many travel recommendations over the years – and read many glowing reviews – only to be a bit disappointed because the experience was not the same as I imagined it to be. Before visiting Talldungen Gårdshotell Österlen, I had heard the most wonderful things about this hidden gem. That it has some of the best food in Sweden. And that the hotel and service and surroundings would blow you away. And, admittedly, I was skeptical. Can this bed-and-breakfast tucked away in the Österlen countryside really be that perfect? Well, I am here to tell you that Talldungen Gårdshotell is – in fact – that perfect.

Dare I say that this is my favourite spot I have visited in Sweden to date (or, at least among the top). I am going to share with you all the reasons why our little overnight getaway to Talldungen Gårdshotell blew me away.

Talldungen Gårdshotell
Talldungen Gårdshotell

Please note: This post is not sponsored in any way. We simply loved our experience here so much that I wanted to share the details (and the beautiful photos) of it with you.

See Also: My great big travel guide to Skåne.


Have you ever just had that feeling when travelling? The feeling of being at ease. And just genuinely, wholeheartedly happy. This is the feeling I had while we stayed at Talldungen.

Talldungen Gårdshotell Österlen – located in the town of Brösarp – will make you feel like you have been transported to the Italian countryside. The hotel owners, Emma and David, moved from the big city to Österlen to pursue their dream of living in the countryside. They used their culinary skills to open this full service Österlen gårdshotell (farm hotel) with a world-class dining experience that attracts visitors from all over Sweden – and the world.

the hotel facilities

Talldungen Gårdshotell view

The decor at Talldungen is cosy and retro, with many unique elements that appear to be sourced from local antique shops. Everything about the esthetic is a bit mismatched, a bit eclectic, a bit imperfect. And yet, so charming. I said to Sebastian at least twenty times that I wanted my entire apartment to look like the interior of Talldungen.

Outside, you’ll find a huge patio with views of the surrounding hills and farm life. While we didn’t have an opportunity to sit outside as it rained throughout most of our stay, it gives us a good reason to come back soon to sit on the terrace and enjoy the sunshine with a glass of wine.

Our room was huge, and the bed comfy, with a beautiful window overlooking the hills. We opted to save a bit of money and booked a room that had a private bathroom down the hall, which we didn’t mind at all. The bathroom was brand new and stocked with lovely personal care products.

Talldungen offers a variety of room types suitable for every budget – ranging from rooms with shared bathrooms, to modern ensuites.

talldungen restaurant

As I mentioned above, the owners of Talldungen are experienced chefs, and the hotel offers a rustic five course tasting menu experience that is perfect in every way. Using locally-sourced seasonal ingredients, the dishes blend Italian, French, and Swedish influences. Full disclosure: This is one of my absolute favourite meals that I have had in Sweden.

Our meal started off with fresh bread from their onsite bakery, paired with cured ham and rooster liver pate (I normally do not like pate, but this was so good). Next up was a sweet pepper and mozzarella appetizer, followed by the main course, which offered a pork, fish or vegetarian option. The main course was followed up with some fresh local cheese and three different desserts to share: A meringue with fresh wild strawberries, a lemon curd, and homemade stracciatella ice cream.

The restaurant also has possibly the largest natural wine selection I have ever seen. While many visitors opt for the wine pairing, we decided to share a bottle of red wine instead. Our waiter listened to our requests and suggested the most perfect, unique natural wine catered to our tastebuds.

In the morning, you’ll be welcomed to an expansive breakfast with many homemade and locally-sourced options – including some of the best bread I have ever tasted that had just come straight from their bakery, homemade apple juice, and a delicious yogurt parfait with the fresh perfectly paired seasonal toppings.

The staff went above and beyond the entire weekend to offer a premium culinary experience, and were eager to help us navigate Sebastian’s food allergies. This included whipping him up some homemade bread on a whim when he was allergic to the standard option.

surrounding nature

Brösarps backar cows

Talldungen is located right in the centre of Brösarps Backer (Brösarp’s hills). This region offers beautiful nature and many hiking trails. While it rained most of the weekend, we were able to find a two hour window after we checked out to explore the region – and WOW. It is beautiful.

The Skåneleden Trail, which is over 1250 kilometres of hiking trails scattered through southern Sweden, runs through this area. While many people head straight for this path, the staff at Talldungen recommended an alternative walking path for us that combined parts of the Skåneleden Trail (orange trail markers) and Backaleden (yellow trail markers). The Skåneleden portion was mostly through the forest, whereas the Backaleden portion led up the hills through valleys and fields. One of the best things about Sweden is the “right to roam” rule, which gives you permission to hike or camp anywhere as long as you aren’t disturbing nature. This also means many of these trails navigate through private property including animal pastures – so you can count on dodging cow and horse poo through many of the trails. But hiking alongside the animals and beautiful surroundings makes it worth it.

Talldungen Gårdshotell will pack you a picnic or coffee to bring on your hike if you’d like! Make sure you talk to them and plan this for a sunny day.

See Also: The Best Beaches in Skåne.


Looking for other inspiration to visit Sweden? You can find all my Sweden content here.
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Things to Do in Skane

Skåne, Sweden … My home away from home. Simple and quintessentially Swedish in almost every single way. Before moving to Sweden, I had a lot of preconceived notions about Scandinavian countries. I’m sure you’ve head the stereotypes, too. Diverse nature. A great work-life balance. An environmentally-conscious, socialized, progressive culture. And these things are all true. But Sweden is so much more than just these stereotypes. And there are so many reasons why I love living in Sweden. And with so many wonder local things to do in Skåne, I feel like I could truly never get bored.

Skåne is a largely undiscovered paradise that many people still don’t know that much about. But I am convinced it is just a matter of time before this region becomes a booming travel destination. From the pristine beaches to the sprawling hiking trails, and a cutting-edge Nordic culinary scene, there seems to be never-ending things to do in Skåne. And after spending a whole lot of time travelling locally this past year, I am ready to dish all the details on what Skåne has to offer.

Here it is: A (big) local’s guide to Skåne!

a few quick highlights: places to visit in skåne

» historic university town: lund
» kullaberg national park
» skanör-falsterbo beach
» ven island
» hoganås, arild & mölle
» the best skåne farm shops
» ystad saltsjöbad spa
» holy smoke bbq
Lund University Wisteria
Ven Island Bike
Wisteria at Lund University (left); Bike on Ven Island (right)

sweden travel costs

Sweden – and Scandinavian countries in general – are notorious for being a bit expensive to visit. With taxes of 25% and high minimum wages, visiting Sweden doesn’t come cheap. However, I think many people are very intimidated by the cost to visit Sweden. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive if you know what to do – especially in Skåne. And good news! The Swedish krona is currently quite weak versus the euro and US dollar, which means now is a good time to visit.

Accommodation Cost in Sweden: Hotels in Skåne can be a bit expensive – but this depends on what you’re looking for. A typical farm hotel in Skåne countryside can set you back at least 120-150 EUR a night (although they often include breakfast). An Airbnb apartment to save money (especially if you just rent a room). Alternatively, hostels are a great options with beds as low as 25-30 EUR per night in Malmö. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, Sweden’s ‘Right to Roam’ law means you can set up a tent virtually anywhere in nature, as along as you aren’t interfering with private property or disturbing the environment around you. That makes camping in Skåne a really great option for cheap accommodations. . For more of saving money on hotels, check out this post.

Food Cost in Sweden: Eating out at restaurants is arguably the most “overpriced” part of living in or visiting Sweden. It can be a bit of a challenge to find a cheap meal in Sweden – but it is far from impossible. With the average dinner ranging from 15-20 EUR per person, the cost of food can add up quickly. A coffee typically costs 3-4 EUR. Good news is groceries are reasonable, if you’re keen on making your own food or picking up snacks. I’d recommend going to Willys – it is typically the cheapest grocery option. Pressbyrån is also a convenience store that offers some quick hot food options. And finally (my favourite) – street food! Did you know that you can find some of the best falafel in the world in Malmö for as little as 3 EUR? Read about my favourite restaurants in Malmö here.

Alcohol Cost in Sweden: Alcohol in Sweden is a luxury, and often one of the most expensive ticket items. A beer in a pub will typically set you back anywhere from 7-10 EUR, with a glass of wine typically starting at 9-12 EUR. Cocktails are often even more expensive, so normally I skip these options (unless it’s a special occasion). It is important to know that Sweden has an alcohol monopoly, which means you cannot buy alcohol with over 3.5% alcohol content in Swedish grocery stories. To buy your own alcohol, you’ll need to visit a Systembolaget location. Make sure to check the hours online (stores are closed on Sunday and have very limited hours on Saturday).

Activity Costs in Sweden: Activity costs, like everything else, can add up. The good news is that many of the best things to do in Sweden involve nature – and nature is free. Swimming at the beaches in Skåne, wandering around the charming towns in Österlen, hiking the Skåneleden trail – all free.

suggested moderate daily budget for visiting skåne: approx. 100-150 EUR per person

Rapeseed fields in Skane

things to do in skåne

visit the best farm shops in skåne

Skåne is home to all kinds of wonderful “Skåne gårdsbutik” or farm shops. These spots often grow, harvest, and make their own products and sell them in their shops. They are the perfect spots to pick up some unique products, and are great for souvenir shopping. Many farm shops also have wonderful restaurants attached so you can indulge in a meal made from locally-sourced ingrediants. Here’s a few of my favourites.

Ängavallen: Located just outside of Malmö in Vellinge kommun, Ängevallen is home to a farm shop, bed-and-breakfast, restaurant, and a beautiful property with animals. In the Ängevallen farm shop, you will find an assortment of goods made right on the farm – jams, cheeses, milk, and bread to name a few. I suggest staying for lunch and enjoying the farm-to-table experience. The ingredients are so fresh!

Hallongården: Also nearby Malmö, and minutes away from Ängevallen, you’ll find Hallongården (translation: raspberry farm). At this farm, you can visit in the late spring/early summer (around May and June) to pick your own raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. Then, head to the farm shop to indulge in a treat made from these local products. You can also take home jams and other goodies made from their farm-grown fruits.

Österlenkryddor: A favourite of mine in Österlen. “Kryddor” means “spices” in Swedish, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this shop. With a huge assortment of spices made in their on-site spice factory, Österlenkryddor is a must-visit. And in July, it is also home to the popular lavender fields in Skåne. Make sure you stop in for the award-winning lavender ice cream around this time of year.

Hallongarden fika
Clockwise from top left: Österlenkryddor; poppies in front of Hallongården; Ängavallen farm; fika at Hallongården

indulge in skåne's booming culinary scene at the best restaurants in skåne

Copenhagen may be the original food capital of Nordic cuisine, but just across the bridge to Skåne you’ll find a innovative and unique Nordic culinary scene. In recent years, Swede’s have been moving to the Skåne countryside to start small organic farms, while chefs are flocking from larger cities to open up boutique hotels with next-level farm-to-table dining experiences. It is hard to know where to start with Skåne restaurant recommendations, but here’s a few of my favourites.

In Malmö, you can indulge at popular spot Ruths, a leading restaurant that uses local in-season ingredients to creative a unique tasting menu. If you’re looking for the trendiest restaurants in Malmö, you must also check out my favourites: Lyran and Riket

But, in my opinion, it’s in the Österlen countryside where things get real good. The Österlen region is very trendy, drawing in crowds from all over Sweden in the summer months. This is where you’ll find restaurants serving up locally-sourced farm-to-table Nordic cuisine from the Skåne countryside. If you’re really into food like I am, Österlen is a dream.

My go-to Österlen hotel is Talldugens Gårdshotell (more on that here) and it is also one of my favourite Nordic meals ever made with only locally-sourced ingredients by a couple who left Stockholm to open a farm hotel. 

If you’re looking for amazing pizza in Österlen, Örum119 is your spot for trendy sourdough pizzas. And then there is the Österlen staple, Hörte Brygga, which is a local hot spot serving up dishes made from only local, seasonal ingredients. And when I say it’s popular, I mean it’s really popular (I’ve heard about people queuing in their cars for hours waiting to get in),

Breakfast at Talldungen
Dinner at Bastard Malmo
Breakfast at Talldungen (left); Dinner at Bastard (right)

the most picturesque villages in skåne

It’s hard to know where to even begin when recommending villages in Skåne to visit because there are so many beautiful ones that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. Here’s a few of my can’t miss favourites.

Mölle: Mölle is a charming harbor town located on the northwest coast of Skåne. Stay at the iconic Grand Hotel Mölle, which sits atop the town, and use this spot as a home base for other charming towns, including another favourite of mine: the fishing village of Arild. And don’t forget to visit Kullaberg Nature Reserve for a beautiful hike and a swim at Josefinelust. In the afternoon, you must visit Holy Smoke BBQ for amazing, authentic southern BBQ in Skåne.

Ystad: Along the southern coast of Sweden, Ystad is a cost and picturesque town. Stop in to roam the historic streets, and pop into the many shops along Stora Östergatan. If you’re looking for a lunch, the popular Söderberg & Sara Ystad offers fresh baked good, tasty coffee, and on select days, stone oven pizza!

Simrishamn: Simrishamn is a lovely beach town along the Skåne east coast. It is home to tons of lovely local shops and a beach with orange-hued sand. Simrishamn is a great spot to enjoy a traditional Swedish lunch along the coast. And while you’re there, check out Barnens Bokhandel, which was the first specialty book store in Sweden for children. 

Kåseberga: Also along the southern coast, Kåseberga is a popular vacation spot for many locals. Here you’ll find a quaint fishing village, with the best seafood in Skåne (I’d recommend trying Kåsaberga Fisk). From the town, you can walk to reach Ales Stenar, which is said to be the remains of an ancient viking shipwreck. From Ales Stenar, you’ll also be able to take in some incredible views of the sea. You’re also sure to see lots of people paragliding around this area (which you can try too if you dare).

Arild Sweden street
Simrishamn Sweden
Kaseberga Sweden
Molle Sweden
Clockwise from top left: Streets in Arild; Poppies in Kåseberga: Mölle harbor; Shop in Simrishamn


the best beaches in skåne

Did you know that Skåne is often called the Swedish Riviera? I wrote a post all about my favourite beaches in Skåne, including Sandhammaren Beach, Simrishamn Beach, Skanör Beach and more. You can read the full post here.

Skanor Beach
Sandhammaren Beach

things to do in österlen

The Österlen region is truly, in my opinion at least, the biggest gem in Skåne – which is why I am dedicating a full section to it. And others living in Sweden seem to agree, with many northern-dwellers owning a summer house in this area. 

Visiting Österlen? Check out my fully Österlen Travel Guide here.

Here’s a few Österlen highlights:

Österlen Choklad: A lovely chocolate factory in Österlen with homemade chocolates and maybe the best hot chocolate I have ever tried.

Ales Stenar: An ancient viking shipwreck that can be equated to a mini Stonehenge, alongside a jaw-dropping scenic coastal background.

Stenshuvud National Park: A eastern coastal national park with beautiful walking trails, and diverse landscapes and views. You can read about my experience visiting Stenshuvud National Park here.

Kivik Musteri: An apple orchard and apple museum in Skåne, featuring lots of locally made apple goods. The best time to visit Kivik is in the fall during apple harvest season. I wrote about my autumn in Österlen experience here.

Hike & Bike: Biking or hiking in Österlen is an amazing way to get around. Here you can read about my favourite hikes in Skåne, including some in Österlen. Some of my favourite trails are located in Brösarps Backer (a hilly region near Brösarp) and Prästaskogens naturreservat (where you can find extremely rare twisted beech trees that look like they are from a fairytale).

Visit an Österlen Loppis: “Loppis” is the Swedish term for flea market or antique store. There are many of these scattered around Österlen, and the best way to find them is to just drive around and stumble upon them. However if you’re looking for a list, you can find one here. We loved the ones we found in central Brösarp, which had antiques dating back to the 1700s.

Osterlen Choklad
Twisted beech trees
Hiking in Skane
Osterlen Loppis
Clockwise from top left: Österlen Choklad; hiking at Brösarps Backer; Österlen antique shop: Twisted beech trees

Skåne Hiking Tip: Hiking trails around Skåne are well marked. You can visit the Skåneleden trail website for route maps, and then keep an eye out for markers like these ones (as well as spray paint markings on trees) to make sure you stay on track. While travelling around Skåne, you’re likely to run into these markers a lot. If you’re feeling spontaneous, just start following the path and see where you end up! Read a guide to my favourite Skåne hiking trails here!

Skåneleden trail marker
Skåneleden trail

best fika in skåne

Olof Viktors: Located in Österlen, this is possibly the most famous cafe in Skåne – and for good reason. This award-winning bakery make all their baked goods and breads from scratch, and the quality is high. On a nice day, you’ll find a lovely courtyard where you can sit outside and enjoy a coffee.

Flickorna Lundgren: On the northwest coast of Skåne, you’ll find Flickorna Lundgren – a cafe that looks like it is straight out of a Pippi Longstocking novel. This historic cafe has been named best fika in Sweden before, and it is well deserved. The gardens of the property are beautiful, complete with farm animals and a pond, and the coffee and cakes are perfect.

Söderberg & Sara: With locations in both Malmö and Ystad, this is a local favourite. Their homemade breads are delicious, and they have some of my favourite coffee that I’ve tried in Sweden (and that’s saying a lot, because Swede’s love coffee).

Looking for the best fika in Malmö? Check out my Malmö Food Guide here.

Soderberg and Sara Malmo
Flickorna Lundgren
Söderberg & Sara (left); Flickorna Lundgren (right)

wineries in skåne

You might be surprised to know that Skåne is actually home to a few wineries. The winery scene is still quite new in Sweden, but there are a few spots that I would suggest checking out if you are interested in trying Swedish wine.

Organize a Kullaberg wine tour and visit Arilds Vingård, Kullabergs Vingård, and Södåkra Vingård in the Kullaberg region. And if you’re in Österlen, Nordic Sea Winery is a must visit.

best hotels in skåne

Best hotel in Malmö: Clarion Malmö Live is a relatively new hotel right in the city centre of Malmö. The rooms offer beautiful views of the harbour, and the service and facilities are premium.

Best Österlen hotel: Talldugens Gårdshotell is a dream (check out my blog post on this spot). This trendy hotel is wildly popular and I understand why – it is honestly my favourite hotel that I have been to in Sweden. It is a bit rustic in the details, but the facilities are so cosy and they have an incredible onsite restaurant with some of the best food I’ve had in Sweden.

Best farm hotel in Skåne: I absolutely love Weinbergs Hotell, which is located about 20 minutes outside of Malmö in the countryside. This traditional farm hotel has an onsite restaurant with an amazing Nordic tasting menu and wine selection. And the farm-to-table breakfast spread is incredible.

Best Skåne spa hotel: Ystad Saltsjöbad Spa is the place to go if you’re looking for a traditional Scandinavian spa in Skåne. It’s located along the water, has the most beautiful, clean facilities filled with hot tubs and saunas, and the dinner experience is lovely, too. 

Most unique hotel in Skåne: Falknästet (Falcon’s Nest) in Mölle OR Glamping at Arilds Winery (in case traditional camping in Skåne isn’t your thing).

Stay at a castle in Skåne: Kronovalls Vinslott (translation: wine castle!). I haven’t been here yet, but if the interior is anything like the stunning castle grounds, then you are in for a real treat. If you don’t end up staying here, you should at least stop by. You can see some photos from my visit to Kronovalls here.

Kronovalls slott

Ready to Visit SKåne?

I am always updating this post as this year-long “hemester i Skåne” (staycation in Skåne) continues. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for all the latest updates. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for all my day-to-day adventures and tips for visiting Skåne.

Want to read more? Here are a few more Skåne blog posts you may want to check out:

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Things to Do in Skane Sweden
Visiting Skane Sweden
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Sandhammaren Beach in Sweden

I know what you’re thinking … beaches in Sweden? During my first summer in Sweden, when I mentioned we would be spending warm and sunny days at the beach, my family and friends back home were confused. And while I haven’t travelled north during the summer (yet), I can say with certainty that southern Sweden (also affectionately known as the “Swedish Riviera”) is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, diverse I have ever seen. And it absolutely where you need to visit to experience the best beaches in Sweden.

Here, I am going to highlight the best beaches in Skåne Sweden, the most southern region of the country. However, I hope to explore beaches in more northern regions soon – so stay tuned for that.


Sandhammaren beach

Sandhammaren Beach in Sweden

Normally they say you should leave the best for last … but I couldn’t wait that long! Easily one of my favourite southern Sweden beaches is Sandhammaren beach. This beach along the southern coastline of Österlen is a popular summer destination for both locals and tourists. What makes this beach so special is that it is home to the most delicate fine grain white sand – similar to the sand you would find on the most beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Sandhammaren beach is also perfectly located in the heart of Österlen, a gorgeous contryside region filled with bed and breakfasts, farm shops, antique stores, and fairy tale-like towns.

Sandhammaren Beach - one of the best beaches in Sweden.
Sandhammaren Beach - one of the best beaches in Sweden.

skanör-falsterbo beach

Skanör beach huts

If you’re visiting Malmö, a visit to Skanör-Falsterbo is a must! These beach side towns are a popular place for Swedes to buy or rent summer houses. The beachfront is lined with small huts, and in the summers you’ll see the owners sitting beach side, grilling, and enjoying the view. Skanör Beach is a highlight if you want to see these picturesque beach side huts.

On the boardwalk, you’ll also find plenty of restaurants and bars to grab a bite or a drink. I’d highly recommend Badhytten. Or, head into Skanör town to Skanörs Gästgifvaregård for a nice meal. Looking for a Skanör hotel? I highly recommend Hotel Spelabäcken for a lovely bed and breakfast experience in town, a short 10 minute walk to the beach (alternatively, they offer bike rentals too).

While in Skanör-Falsterbo, you should also check out Flommen Naturreservat for some beautiful walking trails and seaside views.

Me at Skanör beach
Me at Skanör beach

lomma beach

Located close to the university town of Lund, Lomma Beach is a popular beach for locals because it is close to Malmö and Lund – and their respective suburbs. This means that you’ll find this seaside harbor town bustling on warm summer days. If you’re looking for a nice beach close to the city, Lomma is a great option.

While visiting the beach, don’t forget to take some time to walk around the harbor. You’ll notice many people hanging out on their boats, and there are plenty and restaurants and a lovely little ice cream spot called Lomma Glassfabrik.

ven beaches

Ven island, off the coast of Landskrona, is a stunning biodiverse island filled with incredible coastal views. The island is also home to many beach fronts and spots to swim. These spots range from sandy to rocky. If you are looking for a summer day trip from Malmö, Ven island is a great option. You can read my complete guide to Ven here.

For the most picturesque beachfront, head to the area of Möllebäcken. The sand is rocky, but the views from this part of the island are simply gorgeous. If you’re looking for a sandy beach, the beach near Norreborg’s harbor is a great spot.

simrishhamn beach

Another Österlen beach, Simishhamn beach is most notable for its unique orange-hued sand. The seaside town is also very charming, and is a great summer spot to station yourself for spending a few days exploring Österlen.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir in Simrishamn, you should check out local business Simris. The owners are microalgae farmers and you can buy their products.

Simrishamn beach

ribersborg beach

Don’t feel like leaving the city? Ribersborg Beach is the best beach in Malmö. Here, you can find locals taking a dip off the piers during almost any month of the year. Is also has a sandy coastline so you can sit and enjoy the seaside and views of the harbor – and the Turning Torso.

If you’re interested in visiting a traditional Swedish bath house Ribersborg Kallbadhus can be found here, and allows you to take a dip into the chilly Baltic sea and then head into a warm sauna overlooking the Copenhagen skyline in the distance.

klagshamn beach

Located just outside of Malmö, Klagshamn Beach is a quiet spot with walking trails and is close to a quint fishing village. It is a great place for swimming, with piers going out into the sea. And it has beautiful views of the coastline and Oresund bridge in the distance. If you visit Klagshamn, I recommend bringing along something to grill. They have beachside barbeques set up so it’s a great place to gather otherdoors with friends.

Klagshamn beach

Need help finding the best beaches in sweden?
check out the map below.


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Ven Island Sweden has been on my radar since I moved to southern Sweden last year. This small island between Sweden and Denmark is a place where time stands still. With only 1300 residents, Ven island is home to kilometres of biking and trekking paths, cliff side landscapes, pebbled beaches, and diverse wildlife. It is easily one of the most beautiful places in Sweden, and a true hidden gem with a vast history that is largely unknown outside of Scandinavia.

If I had to recommend one day trip from Malmö (or even a day trip from Copenhagen), Ven island would be at the top. In fact, when we visited recently, we left feeling eager to visit again … and even talked about how it would be a great place to take visitors *hint hint.*

Ready to fall in love with Ven? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this beautiful Swedish island.


where is ven island sweden?

Ven is located between southern Sweden and Denmark. In fact, when you visit the island you will be able to see both coasts on either side. The closest major cities to Ven are Malmö and Copenhagen, with Landskrona being the closest Swedish town to the island.

how to get to ven?

Getting to Ven island is easy! From Malmö or Copenhagen, you’ll first need to get to Landskrona. the town of Landskrona is about 30 minutes north of Malmö, and easily accessible by public transit or car.

Getting to Ven by Public Transit: From Malmö, you can catch a train from Malmö to Landskrona from Malmö Central Station. Then from the Landskrona train station, you’ll take a bus (City Bus 3) to the ferry terminal. The easiest way to navigate this is to to put the final destination Landskrona Skeppsbron into the Skånetrafiken app

Getting to Ven by Car: If you are going to Landskrona by car, you put in the same destination (Landskrona Skeppsbron) and there is free parking at the ferry terminal. Alternatively, some people bring their cars onto Ven island. However, it isn’t a very car-friendly island so I would not recommend this. Plus, the island is so small it really isn’t necessary. If you’re staying overnight and worried about getting to your hotel, I’d suggest discussing options for a pickup at the ferry terminal with your hotel.

Ven Island Ferry: Once you have arrived at the ferry terminal, you can take the ferry from Landskrona to Ven. I would recommend booking your ticket online ahead of time, especially during the busy summer months. Ticket cost is 180 SEK (about 17 EUR) round trip per person.

ven bike rental

The best and most popular way to get around Ven is by riding one of the iconic yellow bikes. At the Ven bike rental shop, you’ll find a bunch of bikes to choose from: single bikes, tandem bikes, Christiania bikes – and tons of options for kids! Once you get off the ferry on Ven island, turn left and head up the hill to the bike shop, which is located at the top.

You can either rent a bike upon arrival, or reserve a bike ahead of time. Reserving a bike is a good option during peak season (July and August) or on public holidays.

Ven bike rental cost: 110 SEK for a standard bike (and 60 SEK per additional day if you are staying for multiple days). You can read more about bike prices here.

If biking isn’t your thing, there are plenty of people who walk or hike around the island, too!


Truly the best things to do in Ven are wandering (biking) without a plan. The island is home to 7.5 square kilometres of nonstop nature, surreal cliffs, and beaches, and the best things are often just stumbled upon. With that being said, there are a few highlights you won’t want to miss! I’d recommend grabbing a map at the bike shop and using it as a guide while you wander.

When you leave the bike shop, you have the option option to turn right or head left back down the hill toward to the ferry. You’ll notice many people turning right, but I’d recommend starting left. From there, head toward the harbor and bike through the small path between the restaurant and the ice cream shop. This quiet little coastal path was one of the best we found on the island.

Below you’ll find a few must-sees.

alpaca farm

Easily a highlight for me, the local Alpaca farm is home to a bunch of these adorable furry animals. When we passed by mid-morning, we were greeted by the owner who told us all about the alpacas … who had just received their summer haircuts. After talking to the owner, it seems as if the alpacas aren’t always there alongside the fence, so I think we got a bit lucky. But, she also said that she does alpaca treks around the islands with guests. So if spending some time with these cuties is high on your list (and it should be), you should check out Ven Alpaca Trekking. In the main harbor, you’ll also find a store where you can purchase homemade goods made from the alpaca wool.

sankt ibbs gamla kyrka

Sankt Ibbs Gamla Kyrka in Ven (St. Ibb’s Old Church) is a beautiful 13th century medieval white church that sits atop one of the highest points on the island and looks out over the water. Here, you can visit the church and walk around the grounds, which we were shocked to see had tombstones that dated back hundreds of years.

Stjerneborg observatory

Ven island has a deep-rooted history that dates back many centuries. In mid-1500s, Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe owned the island and built two observatories. Although Tycho Brahe was often famous for some of his outlandish antics (including getting his pet moose drunk), he also made some pretty revolutionary discoveries and it is really cool to see his reconstructed observatory in person. If you are interested in learning more about Brahe, you can also visit the Tycho Brahe museum.

Side story: I wasn’t super familiar with the Tycho Brahe story, but Sebastian and I went to a live taping of the comedy podcast The Dollop in Copenhagen last year, where their entire sketch was based on this crazy story. If you are looking for some entertainment, there is a recording of the podcast we attended here.

spirit of hven distillery

Spirit of Hven is a distillery operating on the island. It uses local products to distill it’s own Hven whiskey, and you can visit for various different tasting tours. The property is also home to a hotel, and pub/restaurant.

still need some convincing? here's some of my favourite ven island shots:

hotels in ven

Ven island is small, but it is still home to quite a few accommodation options, ranging from hotels and bed and breakfasts, to Airbnbs and camping. Next time we visit, I would love to stay overnight and if your schedule allows it, I would highly recommend considering this option. Here’s a few properties to check out:

  • Spirit of Hven Hotel: As I mentioned above, this popular distillery is also home to a hotel. Book a weekend package and make the most of this awesome spot with a locally-sourced dinner and whiskey tasting.
  • Camp Ven: Ven camping is another great option if you’re looking for an affordable and fun experience. While I haven’t stayed here, we rode by and the space looked great and was right by the sea. Choose from traditional camping, cabins, or – if you’re not much of a traditional camper like me – glamping!
  • Airbnb: Ven island is home to a bunch of Airbnb properties. After biking by so many charming cottages, I would absolutely look at this option.

Ven Sweden is one of those places that photos will never, ever do justice. As I continue to explore more of my own backyard in Sweden, I am continuously amazed that this place has been largely off the radar of most tourists. And Ven island is no exception. If you’re inspired by this content, don’t forget to check out some of my other Sweden blog posts.


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