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Welcome to Madeline Rae Away. I am so happy you’re here! My name is Madeline, a Canadian currently living abroad in Malmö, Sweden and the face behind Madeline Rae Away. 

A bit about me.

Growing up in Canada, I spent a lot of time travelling with my family. I treasured our family holidays so much that I would save the silliest little things as souvenirs and place them in memory boxes (which are surely still rotting away in my childhood attic). When it was time to go home from a vacation. I would cry (sob) all the way home. My parents would console me all the way back to my hometown, where I would eagerly count down the days until our next holiday. 

As I grew older, my determination to see the world only grew. So, after years of solo travel and begging friends and family to go on adventures with me, it would only make sense that I would meet my Swedish partner while travelling. That’s when I quit my job, bought myself (and my cat) a one-way plane ticket, and moved to Malmö,Sweden where I have been based since 2019.

A marketer by profession, I’ve been working with corporate marketing for nearly 10 years. When I first moved to Sweden I began chronicling my adventures abroad, culture shocks, and all the the things I love about life in Scandinavia. Four years later, I am writing, blogging, and content creating and have built an established personal brand and community and over 250,000 social media followers. It really feels like a dream come true.

About the brand.

Madeline Rae Away is a brand that specializes in the creation of content about life in Scandinavia and abroad including travel guides, everyday lifestyle content, product integrations, living abroad tips, and more. 

Madeline has worked with many businesses and tourism boards across the world to create inspiring content that generates buzz and tells their story, and her work has been featured in top news publications worldwide.

My travel philosophy.

This space is all about real, genuine, and responsible travel experiences. Here, you’ll find in-depth details of all my favourite experiences. I aim to travel deep and totally immerse myself in the culture of the places I visit, venturing far beyond the ‘touristy’ suggestions that you’ll often find on other platforms. I’d rather spend several days in a city, instead of a quick visit. And, most importantly, I only recommend places and things that I wholeheartedly love.