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7 Places to Experience Autumn in Sweden

It’s no secret that I love the autumn season. It feels like a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. The weather is mild and the smell of fresh fallen leaves is something I wish I could bottle up so I could experience it all year long. I’ve always loved autumn, but autumn in Sweden is really something special. 

Last year I wrote about my favourite spots to experience autumn in southern Sweden (you can read that post here). So this year, I wanted to share a new version with all the best spots to experience autumn in Sweden in 2020. We’ve been spending a ton of time outside in nature. And I can’t wait to share my favourite spots and memories with you in a little photo diary.

5 can't miss spots to experience autumn in Sweden

1. Hallamölla Vattenfall

Located just outside the town of Brösarp near Skåne’s east coast, Hallamölla Vattenfall is the biggest waterfall in southern Sweden, and is especially beautiful in the autumn months when the leaves surrounding the waterfall turn orange and yellow. Surrounding Hallamölla, you can also find plenty of stunning trails, including part of the Skåneleden trails.

2. Brösarps backar (The hills of Brosarp)

I first visited Brösarps backar, also located outside the town of Brösarp, when we visited Talldungens gårdshotell this past summer (read a blog post about that experience here). And I fell in love with the hiking trails and knew I wanted to come back in the autumn.

Brösarps backar is always beautiful and arguably home to my favourite hiking trails in Skåne. But it really puts on a show in the autumn.

The rolling hills of Brösarp have a very “Tuscany” vibe to them. Along the Backaleden trail through Brösarps southern hills, you will find the best views. Start at the trail head near Brösarp and head toward the train tracks following the yellow trail markers. These trails also lead you through open pastures of horses and cows, forests, and valleys.

Scroll through some of my favourite photos below.

3. Söderåsens nationalpark

Söderåsens nationalpark is arguably the most popular national park in southern Sweden. A common day trip from Malmö or Helsingborg, it is home to some of the most beautiful trails in Skåne, dense forests, lakes, and an incredible lookout point over a deep valley of trees.

We visited Söderåsen on a Saturday and arrived to realize that all the parking near the most popular trails was taken. I guess we weren’t the only ones who wanted to see the autumn leaves here! While we could have parked in the town and walked over, hiking on crowded trails didn’t sounds like a great way to spend our afternoon. So, we drove off in search of a less crowded entrance to the park.

A few hundred metres south of the main parking entrance, we headed up a road that was covered by a canopy of red trees and parked our car. These “non-touristy”  trails weren’t busy at all, and we hiked to the lake in Härsnäs naturreservat. I have never in my life seen such dense forest of red and orange. STUNNING.

4. Alnarps Slott (Alnarp Castle)

Alnarps Slott is located in the town of Alnarp between Malmö and Lund on the campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The original castle was built in the 1200s, and then a French Renaissance-style castle was resurrected in the 1800s. The beautiful building is covered by bright red ivy and is surrounded by tons of trees and walking trails.

If you’re looking for major autumn Harry Potter vibes, this is your spot!

5. Flackarps mölla (Flackarp Mill)

Located just outside of Lund, Flackarps mölla is an old windmill that was built in 1868 and stayed in operation until 1950. The architecture of the historical windmill is beautiful, but it is especially picturesque in the autumn months when the trees around the windmill begin changing colours.

6. Trollskogen

Trollskogen is part of the Prästaskogen nature reserve, which is a popular hiking area outside of Lund near the village of Torna Hällestad. This particular forest very unique because it is home to the unique Skåne twisted beech trees. These trees are very unordinary, with the branches twisting and knotting together.

These unique trees are always worth visiting, but they look really beautiful in the autumn.

7. Glorias Äppelgård - Apple Picking in Skåne

If you’re looking for apple picking in Skåne, you can visit Glorias Äppelgård to pick your own. This apple farm outside of Lund offers a huge variety of apples for picking on their property – and they are both cheap and delicious!

Not in the mood to pick your own? You can also stop by nearby Solnäs Gård to purchase locally famous Kivik apples (and other apple-related products made in southern Sweden, like chutneys and ciders). Make sure you make some time to stay for a fika, too

When is the best time to experience the autumn leaves in Sweden?

Autumn in Sweden, specifically in Skåne, varies each year depending on weather conditions leading up to the autumn season. However, peak autumn leaves in Sweden can typically be experienced around the end of October, and sometimes even into early November.

While it is hard to predict exactly when the peak will be, visiting from mid- to late-October should give you an opportunity to see the beauty of the autumn season.

Check out this autumn in Sweden map to help find these spots!