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Where to Eat in Malmö Sweden 2022: A Local Foodie’s Guide

Let me start off strong by saying that Malmö is such an underrated foodie destination. The people that know, know … but the Malmö food scene is still largely unknown to the rest of the world. When people ask me why I love living in Malmö, the food culture is the first thing that pops into my mind. My Instagram is littered my latest food adventures so it isn’t surprising that the most common question I get is about where to eat in Malmö.

If you’re into food you probably know that Copenhagen is one of the best food cities in the world. But what many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to cross the Øresund Bridge to have an exceptional food experience. You can have a taste of the famous Copenhagen food culture right here in Malmö.

After spending so much time exploring the food scene in this city, I’m excited to share with you all my favourite hot spots and hidden gems. So here it is, everything you need to know about to where to eat in Malmö.

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Where to Eat in Malmö
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The best brunch in Malmö

Mygel: This off-the-beaten-path brunch spot is located in the middle of an unassuming warehouse district, and has become easily my favourite place for brunch in Malmö. They serve an array of Nordic-inspired small plates with ingredients sourced from local farms alongside bloody mary’s and wine for a delicious brunch experience. Booking a table is recommended.

Ruths: One of my favourite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Malmö, Ruths does it all. Using seasonal ingredients they serves unique brunch dishes and delicious pastries. And their bread is easily the best in the city.

Kärleksgatan 3: Tucked away in Davidshall, this tiny little brunch spot offers great food, coffee, and the most cutesy interior.

JordThis spot offers my favourite vegan brunch in Malmo! With a cosy cafe setting and brunch options that range from toasts to oatmeal, and more.

Atrium: Atrium is the perfect cafe to grab brunch, and is absolutely one of my favourite brunches in the city. The ambiance is perfection, and I am obsessed with their very affordable breakfast platters, filled with everything from a yogurt parfait, to cheese and fresh bread (and don’t forget the bottomless coffee).

Nam Do: Okay – so this isn’t a traditional brunch but it’s delicious so it’s worth mentioning. Served on Saturday and Sunday from 11-4, Nam Do offers a Vietnamese “brunch,” which includes a full buffet spread of all your Vietnamese favourites, coffee, tea, and other assorted drinks.

Cafe Grannen: Looking for vegan brunch in Malmö? This breakfast buffet is served everyday in the cutest little cafe. The spread includes an assortment of homemade pies, breads, and other treats. And the best part? At only 79 SEK on weekdays, it is surely the most affordable brunch you’ll find in the city.

Laziza: If you love Lebanese food, this spot is a treat. Laziza offers a Lebanese brunch in Malmo and it is one of my favourites.

Atrium Malmö
Mygel Malmö
Left: Atrium; Right: Mygel

The best lunch in Malmö

Saltimporten Canteen: If you’re looking for a very local lunch experience in Malmo, this is in my opinion the best lunch in Malmo. Everyday they make only one daily lunch option (plus a vegetarian option for the week) using seasonal, local ingredients. You never know exactly what you’re going to get but it is fantastic every time!

Ramen to Biiru: This popular Copenhagen ramen spot has recently made it’s way to Malmö with a sunny patio overlooking Möllevångstorget. The ramen is exception and they offer a fun selection of craft beers from the Danish brewery Mikkeller.

Scandwich: If you want to try a modern version of Danish open-faced sandwiches in Malmö, I really cannot recommend Scandwich enough. With toppings changing regularly and ranging from traditional Nordic flavours to others with Asian influence, this is a popular spot for a reason. They also have a great wine and beer selection.

Matverkstaden: Located on the outskirts of the city in Kirseberg, this old rail yard, this is a food market that hosts rotating vendors and food trucks, as well as live music and other fun activities. Hours and vendors can vary, so check out their Instagram for current details.

SMAK: The name of this Malmo Konsthall (Malmö art gallery) restaurant translates directly to “taste” and they offer a really great dagens lunch (“lunch of the day”). They make premium food, and you can take your own salad, bread, dessert, and coffee from the buffets. It’s a great value for lunch in central Malmö.

Noir Kaffekultur: Ready to be transported to a Montmartre Parisian patio? I love the lunch and coffee here, particularly while sitting on the patio watching bikes zoom past. And recently, they have begun extending their offerings in the warmer months by opening a wine bar in the evenings.

Malmö Saluhall: The local “salluhall” or “food hall” offers a variety of restaurants in a cool indoor market setting, and is a great spot to grab lunch if you’re exploring the city. Plus, their diverse food offerings mean that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. I really recommend the Asian street foor at Pink Head. And you also must grab a cardamom bun from St. Jakob’s. It’ll change your life.

AB Småland: This lifestyle concept store not only carries the most beautiful home goods, but it also offers a great vegan buffet lunch and coffee shop.

Far i Hatten: Located in the middle of one of Malmö’s coolest parks, Folkets Park, this is the perfect spot to grab a patio beer or glass or natural wine and exceptional pizza in the sun. It’s also a great spot for dinner, but be prepared to wait a bit in a queue. This spot is popular!

Spoonery: Spoonery is all about bowls. If you’re in the mood to try a Scandinavian classic, this is an awesome place to try Swedish meatballs. I also really love their hot pot.

Fiskehoddorna: Also known as Malmö’s fish market, this spot lines the street with colourful huts. Here, you can pick up the local catch-of-the-day to bring home and cook, or you can opt to eat to eat on their back patio. You won’t find better fish ‘n chips in Malmö, trust me.

Slottsrädgårdens Kafé: Nestled in the middle of Kungsparken, a park located in the centre of the city, you’ll find this picture perfect cafe. This is a great summer patio spot for lunch or fika in the sun. 

Boru Bowl Bar: Boru Bowl may be the lunch spot I visit most frequently in Malmö. It is just so good and is a spot for the most delicious Asian-inspired bowls. The Crispy Pork is their most popular, but my personal go-to is the Boru Salmon. 

Pink Head Noodle Bar: Also fantastic ramen spot with a great beer selection located right in Malmö old town. I can also really recommend this spot for dinner.

Left: Scandwich; Right: Noir Kaffekultur

The best dinner in Malmö

Ruths: This is a really popular spot in Malmö – and for good reason. Ruths offers a really premium food experience. Using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, the chefs at Ruths serve up incredible Scandinavian-inspired cuisine. With a selection of small plates to choose from, you get to experience some of the best food Malmö has to offer. And, if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, you can opt for pizza and a glass of natural in their courtyard in the warmer months. They also have a shop at the front with homemade goods, and it is my favourite spot to buy artisen groceries. Reservations are recommended, but they do have some drop-in seats.

Lyran Matbar: This is my favourite restaurant in Malmö. Which, in a city full of world-class food options, that’s a huge statement. In this tiny little restaurant, chefs use only seasonal, primarily local ingredients, so the menu changes everyday. When you arrive, you’ll be presented with the ingredient list for the day, but there is an element of surprise as the specific menu items will be presented to you throughout the evening. At Lyran, your only option is a full tasting menu (although you can choose from a meat or veggie option). Make sure to make a reservation far in advance to avoid disappointment, because this spot is very small and incredibly popular.

Elsa: A newcomer to the Malmö food scene, Elsa is a sustainable food and wine bar sitting alongside the canal overlooking Malmö castle. The owner has worked and trained all over the world, and uses local and seasonal ingredients to create unique flavour combinations inspired by his experiences abroad. Here you’ll find a rotating menu of small plates with unexpected flavour combinations and in a really intimate setting. Booking ahead is recommended, but you can also stop in to have a seat at the bar or on the canal-side patio.

Mutantur: I really love Mutantur. They serve a variety of gastronomic small plates with flavours inspired from around the world. I love the small tasting portions, because you’re able to try a variety of different options, all thoughtfully curated from fresh ingredients. If you’re lucky, you can find a drop-in bar seat. But I’d also recommend booking this spot well in advance.

Riket: This place is fun and trendy, the food is delcious, and they have an amazing natural wine selection. Another spot with small plates made from in-season locally sourced ingredients, Riket serves up some pretty incredible food from their tiny bar side kitchen. They also have an impressive wine list with lots of natural wine options, plus a lively patio alongside the restaurant in the summer months.

Aster: New to the scene in summer 2021, Aster has quickly become one of the hottest restaurants in the city. It has quickly become a go to spot for me for after work drinks and dinner. The entire concept at Aster is built around open fire cooking. Their menu is rotating based on what’s in season, and they cook an assortment of small plate options over open fire for a truly unique experience. Reservations here are encouraged but there’s sometimes drop-in space at the bar, and on the patio in warmer months.

Saiko: Step into this restaurant and I swear you’ll feel like you’ve teleported to Japan. This Japanese restaurant in Malmö offers small sharing plates and a selection of sake.

LU: This is the best spot for premium yet affordable Chinese food in Malmö. It is really some of the very best Hong Kong-influenced Cantonese food I’ve ever had, with a variety of meat dishes and dumplings.

RAU: LU’s new vegan next door, you can try all of LU’s most popular dishes in vegan form. 

Opopoppa: This tiny local Möllan favourite spot serves unique flavours of pizza by the slice, cans of beer, and a selection of natural wines.

Casual Street Food: Looking for the best burger in Malmö? Look no further. The high quality burgers here blew me away. And they offer many other American’influenced menu items like milkshakes and fries.

Soi 29: This isn’t your typical fast food Thai restaurant, but it is so much better. Soi 29 is the best spot for premium Thai food in Malmö. The space is cool and the food is so spicy and delicious. Reservations are recommended, but they do have some drop-in seats at the bar.

Nam Do: Great central location for Vietnamese food. The food is delicious,  the portions are very generous, and they have great couryard patio seating in the warmer months.

Västergatan: If you’re looking for a fresh, seasonal tasting experience in Malmö, Västergatan is another great option. The food is premium and packs a lot of flavour. You’ll want to make a reservation here.

Mastio: Many people say this is the best pizza in Malmö, and I tend to agree. Located a bit outside of the city centre along the water in the suburb of Limhamn Mastio is an incredibly popular spot – especially in the summer when their patio is open. Reservations are recommended.

400 Grader: If you’re looking for excellent pizza in Malmo, 400 Grader is located centrally and is one of the best the best I’ve tried!

Aster Malmö
Ruths Malmö
Left: Aster; Right: Ruth’s

The best cafes in Malmö

If you’re visiting Sweden, having a fika is a must. And the list of best fika spots in Malmö is long. So instead of including it here, I have rounded up a list of the best 15 cafes in Malmö. You can read the full blog post here.

Sankt Knuts

The best bars in Malmö

Care/Of: This is my favourite cocktail bar in Malmö for high quality cocktails. It also has a perfectly intimate and cosy vibe.

LiketLiket is the cocktail bar affiliated with one of my favourite restaurants, Riket. Located right in the city centre, this cosy courtyard space offers a fantastic cocktail menu that changes every day. And if cocktails aren’t your thing, they have beer, wine, and a delicious selection of small plates for snacking. It’s a great spot for a pre-dinner aperitivo.

MJs: Great cocktails in a cosy space. Also a great cental spot in MJs hotel for a pre-dinner drink.

Malmö Brewing Co.: With a large selection of both in-house craft beers, and featured international beers, this is the best brewery in Malmö.

Mikkeller Pop Up: The popular Danish craft beer brand hosts a summer popup up in Folket’s Park. If you’re in Malmö during the summer months, this is a must-visit!

The best wine bars in Malmö

Julie: In my opinion, Julie is easily the best wine bar for natural wine in Malmö. It’s a cosy spot in middle of the old town and offers a very fun wine selection. And their small courtyard is my absolutely favourite place to drink wine in the summer months. 

L’enoteca: This central location is great and they host the most amazing wine garden across the street this summer. It quickly became one of my favourite go to summer spots to enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

Ava Vinbar: Located near trendy Sankt Knuts, this newcomer to the wine bar scene offers a great wine seletion and an array of small plates in the middle of a trendy local neighbourhood.

If you’re a natural wine lover like myself, you can also visit any of these favourite lunch or dinner places for wine and snacks: Ruths, Aster, Riket, Far i Hatten, or Scandwine.

Julie Malmö
Left: Liket; Right: Julie

The best falafal in Malmö

Did you know that falafel is basically the unofficial food of Malmö? You’ll find it everywhere and it is easily the cheapest food you can buy for only 30-40 SEK. There are many awesome falafel restaurants in Malmö to choose from. However, if you were to ask me where to find the best falafel in Malmö, my answer would easily be Värnhem’s Falafel. Not only is the falafel tasty, but they actually make you a fresh pita right in front of you. And really, it doesn’t get better than that. 


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