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A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Copenhagen

When I think of Copenhagen, the first thing I think of it food. Because, in case you weren’t already aware, Copenhagen is a foodie’s dream city. It would take you years (and a whole lot of money) to eat at all the best restaurants in Copenhagen.

I haven’t spent years in the city, but I have spent a ton of time in Copenhagen. And I have so much to share with you from international eats, to the classic new Nordic cuisine that made Copenhagen famous – and everything in between.

I have had easily some of the best meals of my life in this city, and I can’t wait to share with you all about my experience at some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen.

The Best Restaurants in Copenhagen
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The best brunch in Copenhagen

Mad & Kaffe: I am obsessed with with spot. Dare I say, it’s one of my favourite brunches everWhat’s the biggest dilemma you face when you’re out for breakfast for brunch? Well, if you’re like me, it’s the impossible choice between having something savory OR sweet.

Mad & Kaffe makes this choice easy with BREAKFAST TAPAS.

Yes, you heard that right. It isn’t just that the food here is good (although it is very good). But, I love this concept of choosing three, five or, if you’re feeling really hungry, seven small plates and getting the to enjoy a taste of everything. This is where you need to go for the best breakfast in Copenhagen.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

Bang & JensenFor the early weekday risers, Bang & Jensen offers a “Morgenbuffet” or morning buffet from 7:30 until 10:00 for only 65 DKK (roughly 9 EUR). If you have ever caught a glimpse of food prices in Copenhagen you’ll know this is a pretty fantastic deal. 

After 10:00 on weekdays and on weekends, opt for their “Morgenmadstallerken” or breakfast plate for 115 DKK (about 15 EUR) which is an awesome spread of fresh bread, cheese, yogurt and muesli, egg, jam, and – most importantly – coffee with refills included!

Bang & Jensen is also a large space with free wifi, so it offers a really great coworking space in Copenhagen for freelancers looking to get some work done.

Price: $ (cheap eats)

GranolaServing three meals a day, I particularly like this cosy cafe for brunch in Copenhagen. They serve a variety of high quality breakfast and lunch options, ranging from omelettes to yogurt bowls, and the cafe itself is incredibly charming.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

The best bakeries in Copenhagen

Hart Bageri: Easily one of the most famous bakeries in Copenhagen, you’re almost guaranteed to see a long queue leading up to the door of Hart Bageri, but it is absolutely worth the wait. Richard Hart was a baker at world-famous Noma and went on to open this Bakery. The pastries and bread are incredible.

Andersen Bakery: The beautiful pastries at Andersen Bakery are the brainchild of a Japanese tourist who came to Copenhagen and fell in love with Danish-style baking. The pastries are both photogenic and delicious.

Juno the Bakery: Owned by a former pastry chef at Noma, Emil Glaser, this award-winning bakery use food science to create unrivaled baked goods.

Andersen & Maillard: If you’re in Nørrebro, a stop at Andersen & Maillard is a must. You’ll notice a similar theme in these bakeries because the pastry chef here also used to work at Noma. They also roast their own coffee and it is exceptional.

The best Copenhagen Meatpacking District Restaurants

Fleisch: If you’re in Copenhagen you must try smørrebrød (Danish open-faced sandwiches) at least once, and Fleisch is a great place to try traditional open-faced sandwiches in Copenhagen. Sit out on our their sunny patio with a beer and sandwich, and make sure you pair it with a shot of snaps for the full Danish experience.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

Tommi’s Burger JointLocated in the Meatpacking District, Tommi’s Burger Joint is a delicious and affordable restaurant in Copenhagen. The ambiance is great, and the entire area really comes alive in the summer months. I’d also highly recommend opting for the sweet potato fries – they are GOOD.

Price: $ (cheap eats)

Bollyfood: BollyFood is your spot for Indian food in Copenhagen. Located in Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District), they offer a good assortment of Indian dishes, delicious samosas and naan bread, and a large drink menu. In the summer, they also have really affordable combo deals where you can pair a cold glass of lassi with your meal.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

Hija de Sanchez: This taqueria is also located in Kødbyen and has the most amazing, authentic tacos. Good Mexican food can be very hard to find in Scandinavia and this spot is such a gem.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

H15: If I could refer to H15 in any way, it would be a “scandi trendy cafeteria.” And while I know that isn’t a thing, it should be – because the food here is great. And the atmosphere is too!

Located in one of my favourite Copenhagen neighbourhoods, The Meatpacking District, is this cosy, casual cafeteria-style spot that makes delicious and affordable dishes with Nordic-inspired and seasonable farm-to-table ingredients (think white bean “mac and cheese” topped with pumpkin and roasted kale, or marinated herring with beetroot).

The menu may look a bit eccentric at first glace, but it’s delicious. And is the perfect spot for lunch (or dinner).

Price: $$ (mid-range)

The best international food in Copenhagen

Gao Dumpling Bar: This tiny dumpling bar is serving classic Chinese streetfood with a Scandinavian flair. With five different fresh handmade dumplings to choose from, you can try a variety of flavours on their street side patio.

Price: $ (cheap eats)

La NetaLa Neta serves up classic Mexican cuisine in two of Copenhagen’s trendiest neighbourhoods: Nørrebro and Vesterbro. The interior is super cute, the margaritas are strong, and their taco game is on point.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

The best pizza in Copenhagen

BæstI’m about to make a very bold statement, but this may just be the best pizza I have ever had outside of Italy. They source all their organic produce locally with a high emphasis on sustainability and quality. 

In addition to pizza, I’d recommend you start off with some of their charcuterie, and pair it with a glass of wine from their amazing natural wine list.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

Neighbourhood: A very popular pizza spot in Copenhagen with two different locations, offering super creative and delicious pizza.

There are two locations in Copenhagen: Istegade and Jaegersborggade. I’ve been to both, and have absolutely zero preference of one versus the other. This spot is popular, so booking ahead is strongly advised, especially on the weekends. However, they only book half the tables so walk-ins are possible.

Price: $$ (mid-range)

The best street food in Copenhagen

Reffen: Copenhagen’s top street food spot, is a spot that cannot be missed on any Copenhagen itinerary. Do as the locals do, rent a bike, and escape the outskirts of Copenhagen to Reffen (and make some stops along the way, because this area of the city is so cool). 

Here you can sit along the water, indulge in street food eats at some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. As the biggest street food market in the Nordics, there are so many options to choose from. While you’re visit, you can shop as the stores scattered throughout the market, listen to live music, and just enjoy the waterfront with a Mikkeller beer in hand.

Opening Hours: Reffen is outdoors, and therefore only open in the warmer months (from April until October). Check out their website to confirm their opening hours before visiting.

Price: $ (cheap eats)

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The best New Nordic restaurants in Copenhagen

What is New Nordic food? Before we jump into some of my absolute favourite spots in Copenhagen, you might be wondering about what exactly is New Nordic food? The New Nordic sustainable food movement started in the 2000s focusing on consuming only what’s in-season, local, and natural. This means that menus change weekly (or even daily) depending on what is in season. It focuses on older food techniques like fermenting, pickling, and smoking, and uses simple ingredients to really highlight natural flavours of different foods.

You may have heard of Noma, which is the Copenhagen-based Michelin Star restaurant that has been named the best restaurant in the world, and is the flap ship of New Nordic cuisine. A table at Noma is way out of my income bracket (and it’s nearly impossible to get a reservation at), so I haven’t tried it. But the New Nordic style of dining can be experienced all across Copenhagen at a bit more affordable price point. Here’s a few of my favourites:

Marv & Ben: This trendy spot is an outstanding option if you’re looking for an exceptional Nordic gastronomy. In true Copenhagen fashion, all menu items feature seasonal ingredients from local producers and is perfectly paired with natural or biodynamic wines.

Price: $$$ (fine dining)

Vækst: The interior of this restaurant features the most beautifully green house, and the theme of green continues into the food. Here you can enjoy a Nordic tasting menu featuring local vegetables and both meat and vegetarian options. 

Price: $$-$$$ (mid-range to fine dining)

Norrlyst: Located in an intimate basement in central Copenhagen, Norrlyst serves a four-course set menu uses seasonal ingredients and very interesting green flavours. 

Price: $$$ (fine dining)

The best cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Ruby: Serving high quality cocktails in super-chic space, with beautifully lit-up wall-to-wall liquor cabinets, velvet and leather seating, and a dim light that makes you feel like you’re in a 1920s bar. Ruby is popular, but good news – they take reservations. Book your reservation here

Duck & CoverAnother speakeasy style spot, this another easy favourite with a cosy hygge atmosphere, great cocktails, and a fabulous staff.

Brønnum: A sister restaurant to Ruby, this is another one of my go-to cocktail spots in Copenhagen. A little more laid back then Ruby, I love this spot when I am looking to grab a high quality cocktail in the city centre. And they also take reservations!

The best beer in Copanhagen

Mikkeller Bar: There are locations scattered all over Copenhagen, as one of Denmark’s most recognizable craft beer franchises. I particularly love this location in Vesterbro, and their location at Reffen. But, if you’re interested in visiting their other spots, you can check out a list of Mikkeller locations here.

The best natural wine bars in Copenhagen

Den Vandrette: Home to one of the very best wine selections in the city, and amazing small plates with Nordic flare. Their menu changes daily and the food was delicious so I would really recommend making a dinner reservation here.

Ancestrale: A cosy wine bar with sustainability at the forefront, Ancestrale serves unique and carefully curated natural wines and really great small plates. You can drop in for a drink, but I’d recommend booking a table and staying for dinner to get the full experience.

Pompette: Serving great wines at modest prices, Pompette is a popular spot for natural wine in Nørrebro. They have a limited menu with one red, orange, white, and rose – all served by the glass for 50 DKK. 

Vivant: Around the corner from Pompette in Nørrebro, Vivant also serves affordable natural wine by the glass for around 50 DKK a glass. 

The best coffee shops in Copenhagen

Prolog Coffee: This tiny shop has good coffee and desserts (I had an earl grey tea bread there that was to die for!). Located in the heart of Kødbyen, it is also the perfect place to sit outside in the summer months… and the winter months too! This is Copenhagen, after all.

Kaffe: Another tiny spot in the middle of Vesterbro on Istedgade, this is my favourite coffee shop in Copenhagen. I love the tight-knit feel of it, and the coffee is some of the best I’ve had. Word on the street is that it has been coined the unofficial “best coffee in Copenhagen” too.


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Copenhagen has it all when it comes to food, and is truly a foodie’s paradise. If you liked this guide, don’t forget to check out my complete city guide to Copenhagen by clicking here.