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Skåne Rapeseed Fields: When to Visit & Where to Go

Skåne county, the southernmost part of Sweden, can be characterized by a few things. Little white churches, lots of green space, diverse coastlines, and – in the spring – the beautiful Skåne rapeseed fields.

Spring is rapeseed season in Skåne! The first time I saw these fields I was literally blown away because they quite literally cover the Skåne countryside in a blanket of bright yellow. It’s impossible for drive throughout the countryside without seeing a field, so you don’t have to look too hard to find them. 

However, after posting a few of the photos on Instagram, I received an outpouring of questions about where to find the Skåne rapeseed fields. So here’s a quick guide to the Skåne rapeseed fields.

Skåne Rapeseed Fields
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When do the Skåne rapeseed fields PEAK?

The Skåne rapeseed fields typically bloom in early May. However, after more mild winters they have been known to begin blooming as early as late April. If you’re planning a trip specifically to see the fields, early May is probably the safest option but it can be difficult to predict exactly when the peak will happen. 

Generally, you’ll see peak bright yellow tones lasting only about 2-3 weeks.

If you follow me on Instagram, I will share updates as the fields around Malmö begin to bloom

Where CAN I find the SKÅNE Rapeseed Fields?

Like I mentioned before, they are literally all over the countryside and should be easy to find. A particular fields will never have rapeseed planted two years in a row so it’s impossible to give exact field locations. However, if you venture off the main highways and onto the winding countryside roads, they will be impossible to miss. One of my favourite places to see the rapeseed fields is in the idyllic region of Österlen. Read my Österlen guide here.

How can I see the Skåne rapeseed fields without a car? There are plenty of bike paths through the countryside and many should be accessible by bike from main cities. If you’re looking for a unique spot to see the rapeseed fields, head over to Ven Island. This is only of my favourite places to visit in all of Skåne and it is easily accessible by public transport. Read my full Ven Island guide here.

Looking for rapeseed fields near Malmö? There are many rapeseed fields located near Malmö’s countryside suburb Hyllie, which can easily be accessed by train or bus. The suburb of Hyllie is surrounded by fields so it is hard to miss once you’re there.

How to respectively visit the rapeseed fields

Sweden’s allemansrätten or ‘freedom to roam’ means that you are allowed to explore the countryside in Sweden freely on the condition that you do not harm or disturb the nature. 

In recent years, farmers in Skåne have had a lot of trouble with damaged crops due to visitors taking photos in rapeseed fields and trampling the crops. In some cases, the farmers have started to create paths so that people can easily explore. However, if there is no path, do not climb your way into the field. Remember, this is the livelihood of these farmers and respect should be your top priority.

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