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A Guide to the 15 Best Cafes in Malmö

Since moving to Sweden, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that Swedes really love their coffee. I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker until I moved to Malmö and now I can’t get enough. It’s hard not to fall for the Scandinavian coffee culture when you have some of the best cafes in Malmö minutes away from your apartment.

Sweden’s culture is so coffee-centric, they’ve developed a verb to describe a coffee break: fika.

What is fika? Well it loosely translates to “having coffee and a sweet with friends or family.” And while it may seem like a bit of novelty, it really isn’t. Colleagues will suggest we take a “fika break” at the office, friends will often “meet for a fika” after work or in their spare time. It is a moment to pause and enjoy time with the people you care about. 

With that being said, there is absolutely no shortage of spots to have a fika in Malmö. I’ve been sharing some of these on my Malmö food guide, but as this post gets longer and longer, I thought my favourite cafes deserved their own place to shine.

I’ve been to a lot of cafes in the city, and in this post I’ll be rounding up the best cafes in Malmö!

What to try for fika in Malmö?

Before we start counting down the best cafes in Malmö, I want to share with you a few of the best Swedish fika sweets that you must try. There are of course many others you’ll find throughout the year, but these are a few easy favourites:

Chokladboll: A chocolate ball (roughly the size of a golf ball) made of oats, sugar, and cocoa, and coated in coconut.

Kanelbullar: The cinnamon bun is arguably the most popular “Swedish” dessert. The local take on the cinnamon bun is different than the version with icing found in many other countries. It is simply dough rolled up with a cinnamon and sugar filling.

Kardemummabullar: Made in a similar way to the cinnamon bun, this one is filled with cardamom. It is my personal favourite Swedish fika treat.

Semla: This is most commonly eaten on Shrove Tuesday, but you can find it in cafes all year. It is a cardamom-spiced sweet roll with the centre carved out, and it is filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream.

Kladdkaka: This is more commonly known as mud cake in English, and is a thin sticky chocolate cake topped with icing sugar, and typically some type of berries, like raspberry.

Lussebullar: Around the Christmas holidays, you will see these swirled saffron buns everywhere. Traditionally they are topped with raisins, but more trendy versions include vanilla or cardamom fillings. 

Bröd med ost: A bun and cheese might sound basic, but hear me out. Swedes love a classic bun with butter, cheese, and maybe even a few slices of cucumber. When paired with high quality bread, it is so simple, but so delicious.


An easy choice for fika, brunch, or lunch, Atrium is a bright cafe with tons of greenery serving sweets, and a variety of brunch and lunch options. I love the ambiance here, and they have a wonderful garden patio in the warmer months.

Solde kaffebar

The best coffee in Malmö? You’ll find it at Solde. This specialty coffe shop roasts their own beans and is the best place to go if you want to buy local coffee beans in Malmö. We brew almost exclusively Solde coffee at home, and love to go here for fika too.

Must Try: Their Mästers and Bodils coffee blends are my favourites, but they also feature limited edition specialty blends that are always fantastic.

If you aren’t local, you can also order their coffee beans online.

St. Jakobs

St. Jakob’s is a super popular bakery that offers many locations scattered throughout Malmö. You can find them in a few locations including in Davidshall on Södra Förstadsgatan where you can sit on a lovely bistro-style terrace alongside the pedestrian-only street. Another favourite location for me is their Slottsstaden location, and their location in Malmö Saluhall.

Must Try: I will never be the same since trying their cardamom buns.

Söderberg & Sara

This is one of my favourite bakeries for bread in Malmö. They make a really fantastic loaf of sourdough, and you can sit in their cafe and have bread and cheese with a cup of coffee in the morning, just like the locals do.

Left: St. Jakob’s; Right: Söderberg & Sara

Bageri Leve

Leve is consistently awarded as one of the best bakeries in the city, and it is so deserving. They just od everything so well, from breads to pastries and their famous donuts. Every Friday they have a “donut of the day” with a unique seasonal flavour and locals line up down the street to get their hands on them.

Uggla Kaffebar

I absolutely love this cute little pastel-coloured coffee spot. They serve good coffee and the perfect fika sweets. In the summer months, you can head across the street to their bistro setup in the middle of St. Knut’s Square.

Noir Kaffekultur

This central spot located in the beautiful old town is a great spot for a patio fika. Sit outside with a coffee, watch the bikes zoom by, and I swear you’ll feel like you’re on a terrace in Paris. They also serve wine in the afternoons and have lots of great lunch options, too.

Lilla Kafferosteriet

This central cafe has great coffee and an assortment of cakes and pastries. In the warmer months, head outside to the backyard terrace. It is the the perfect spot to soak in the afternoon sun. They also brew coffee from their very own roastery.

AB Småland

AB Småland is more than just a cafe – it is a full lifestyle and Scandinavian concept store. Browse through the trendy shop full of Scandi goods, and then grab a fika in the cafe. 

Kaffebaren på Möllan

Great coffee and atmosphere in the trendy Möllan neighbourhood. In the summer months, I suggest taking your coffee out front and people watching while people shop at the farmer’s market in the square.


Jord, which translates to “earth” in English, is a vegan cafe and breakfast spot. I really love the ambiance of this cozy cafe, and their food is really good if you’re looking for a vegan breakfast in Malmö.

Pâtisserie David

This French-style patisserie serves many traditional French pastries, and has of the best courtyard patios in the city. If you’re looking for a French-inspired fika, this is your spot.

Slottsträdgårdens kafé

Located in the middle of the beautiful Slottsparken, this cafe is a popular patio spot in Malmö. After you’ve had your fika, make sure to head next door to Slottsträdgården to admire the beautiful gardens, and the iconic Malmö windmill.


Farina means flour in Italian, and this little Italian bakery make incredible treats like focaccia, pizza, and brioche. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a small Italian coffee bar.

Atrium Malmö

Left: Atrium; Right: Jord


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